recent bespoke art 

1. Send me your photos                                                                                 2.Pay                                                                         3. Receive Art 

how commissioned art works 

3 simple steps

1. Choose a photograph/image of the subject you'd like me to draw and send these in high resolution to my email.

2. Once we have agreed on what you'd like me to create for you and agreed on the final price i will ask you to Pay me in advance with the bank account I provide with you with proof of payment (E.g. an email confirmation from the bank or a screenshot). 

3. I'll start your art piece once you've shared with me your ideas and details about what you'd like on your final piece and I will update you with some screenshots along the way to make sure that

you and I are on the same page. I am more than happy to give my opinion and share my ideas if you'd like my help!

Once we are both satisfied with the final piece I will then send the digital files to your email and if requested I will print the art piece/pieces on either fine art print or on canvas for you and post them to the address you provide with me. 

TIPS & extra info

1. For the best outcome please send me a high resolution image, anything blurry will reduce the quality of the art piece and it won't be as nice as its potential.

2. If you want a group portrait but you don't have everyone you want in the same photograph, you are welcome to send me multiple photos and I can photoshop them in together for a small fee and then start the commissioned art piece from there. 

3. If you don't want to pay for printing and shipping, you are more than welcome to print the art piece yourself or with a local printing company of your choice. Makes it easy for us both! I will send you the correct CMYK files specifically for printing and the RGB files if you wanted to upload the image to the web or (E.g. Instagram).

4. Once we've discussed what you'd like exactly we will agree on a final price - it all depends on the size, material  you choose and it also depends on how much work there is to do. If you ask for a lot of details and objects/people to draw, it will obviously take me more time to complete which will clearly be more expensive than a simple portrait of one person/animal/subject. 

5. Don't have any good photos? If you need some professional photos taken of you, If I am in the same country as you I do offer a €100 photoshoot session which includes:

1. Flattering and beautiful photographs up to a 1 hour shoot

2. I will edit the best 20 and send them to your email  

3. You pick your favourite photo for me to paint! 


I hope this helps and if you still have any questions then please message me in the box below.

Standard Size= 30x40cm 

x 1 person = €150

x 2 people = €250

x 3 people = €310

I look forward to hearing from you! 


Bianca Germaux