Wise up is a special one to me. We're constantly growing and constantly learning. I used to think I knew it all and the older I get I realise I know nothing at all. This is the newest collection of Bink's so far 2019. A mixture of realism/surrealism and playing with one's imagination. All of these have hidden meanings. I so enjoy drawing bodies, especially being a woman and being able to express so much emotion through the body and onto a canvas! 


All prints are printed on beautiful 350grs photography paper with a matte finish and a slight pretty shine. The colour comes out just great on all materials - Including canvas printing. The quality of the colour on the images are just fantastic!

Most of the canvases come with plain coloured edges to match each individual art piece. E.g If the background of an art piece is white then so will be the edges to give it that flowing beautiful look.

Wise up

20,00 €Price
Print / Canvas (scroll down)
  • These prints work best in any frame of your choice. In the gallery we use nice, simple magnetic frames. You can even get lovely simple frames from Ikea with a nice boarder to make the print stand out even more. The Canvases already come with a 4-5cm boarder so you can just hang them on the wall but if you choose to frame them in a shop after purchasing that's totally possible!

  • Please don't bend the prints too violently. They're best when rolled up (not too tightly) in a tube or in newspaper if you need to transport them. 


    With the canvases please handle them with care and don't put them in the way of sharp objects that can scratch the front of the art piece.